•                              Wanted to give you guys a heads up !!!

    We recently had some storms in the Houston area that had some good size hail in them. To say the least it did some damage to some roofs in the area. Here are some pictures of a roof of a home one of my customers is buying.

    Aggregate loss in gutters
    Granular loss in gutters

    Look how much is in there !

    You can see the excessive loss of granular material.

    Either the seller was going to put on a new roof or I wasn't going to let her buy the house. No reason to buy the house than have to spend $7,000 to $9,000 for a new roof.

    We were able to get the seller to put on the new roof ! So my buyer will have a new roof on the house when she moves in.

    Folks, make sure your agent is looking for these things or least knows what they are doing when negotiating repairs !!!

    If you have any questions just give me a call.

    Larry Toombs

    281 358-8553